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Especially looking at the domestic market, the general public has moved out from it so long ago

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1. I've felt like that ever since I was a muggle in 2015. But maybe in 2017? Because of the Produce series, Kpop had a resurge but I feel like the 2nd generation was the prime time 

2. But now, the entertainment agencies have definitely grew bigger and stronger ㅋㅋ No matter what agency you are out there, you just can't compare yourselves with big agencies anymore 

3. The prime time ended after the 1st and 2nd generation already 

4. Now we're just having a party of so-called "experts"

5. The domestic market is completely dead but they're doing better overseas now, so they're able to earn even more money. Right now, idols can be total nobodies domestically but they're still super rich. Also this only applies to male idols 

6. I feel like the prime time is right now. Of course, I don't know any other groups aside from a-tier groups but I'm sure there's a trickle down effect and everyone is getting richer and richer

7. The standards are so different now... Nowadays, even the granddaughters of large corporations become idols

8. I just feel like it's an issue of people getting older and preferring the things they liked when they were younger

9. I In terms of market economic value, the prime time is now, but among the customer base that consumes it, it is true that the prime time is over for the domestic customer base. Honestly this is just facts

10. I think it's the prime time is now, if you're famous enough, you'll make money. In the past, even when you were popular, there were many cases where you worked hard yet didn't make any money... Above all, it's good that a lot of overseas talents are coming to Korea and the overall quality of K-pop music has improved these days

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