(T/n: "Cutting" is the stage after bulking up aka the period of eating at a calorie deficit to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass)

Every time there's a post about him, I click in to save the pictures....
How can he cut so prettily?... impressive

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1. Jaemin would probably say something like "I was always pretty"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. He's insane lately

3. The best

4. Huh? Isn't this an elf?

5. Wow he's perfectly pretty now...

6. I'm even more curious about how he looks like in real life. I wonder if he'll look like that if he was standing right in front of me

7. Seriously, Na Jaemin is so pretty and handsome. I think that the white hair is the biggest cheat key here

8. I saw him in real life before he started cutting and his face was seriously small and shinning. I want to see him in a concert quickly

9. He was handsome even before cutting thoughㅠ..

10. 100 points for the hairstyle. 100,000 points for his face

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