Hyeri, who continued eating, said, "I think I'm full. I'm upset." In response, the production team asked, "You're not given a stomach to eat. How long are you going to diet? If this continues, won't you disappear?"

Hyeri said, “I need to lose a lot of weight for my next project,” and “But I weigh a lot. I will reveal the InBody I did the day before yesterday.”

The InBody test results revealed by Hyeri showed a weight of 54.1kg, skeletal muscle mass of 22.2kg, and body fat percentage of 25%. Regarding this, Hyeri said, “This is my true nature.”

Hyeri also revealed her previous InBody records, saying, “This was my first time dieting.” Before the diet, Hyeri weighed 57.2kg, had skeletal muscle mass of 21.7kg, and body fat percentage of 30%

Hyeri said, "This is when I recorded with Jisoo. I lost 3kg, but I can't lose it anymore. I'll diet really hard and show you how I've changed."

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1. From a commoner's standard being 57kg and 166cm is on the slimmer side, but because celebrities need to shoot projects, they have to lose more 

2. She doesn't look like the type to show when she gains weight. I'm jealous of the fact that she can still look pretty at 57kg

3. But even when she gains weight, it's not obvious, being 30% body weight is a pretty normal body, but she's skinny 

4. Her face is so small and her face shape is pretty so she doesn't look like she gains weight 

5. Hyeri is also tall 

6. She's the same as me but she's pretty, why ㅜㅜ

7. Her face didn't gain weight though ㅜㅜ 

8. I'm jealous of her 57kg. It's true that 54kg is very skinny, it'll be hard for her to lose even more 

9. Hyeri, please eat a lot of delicious food once you're done shooting ㅜㅜ

9. Being 54kg and 166cm is so healthy though 

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