IU's label EDAM Entertainment denied staff stole a fan's concert seat.

As previously reported, EDAM Entertainment apologized to a fan, who was wrongfully accused of illegal ticket trading and barred from entering IU's recent concert '2024 IU H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL'. The fan, who's also a blogger, then revealed they discovered the seat was occupied by someone else.

Some fans are now alleging it was staff members who had actually stolen audience seats for IU's concert, and EDAM Entertainment is denying the allegations. The label stated, "None of our employees or executives received tickets for the concert. In order to prevent understandings, we have all the printed original tickets for the seats." 

In a second statement on April 4, EDAM Entertainment revealed they have the identity of the person who stole the seat that should've been vacant, and the label further explained the seat was empty for the first half of the concert, concluding that another fan had changed their seat to get a closer view.

The label stated, "We checked the matter internally. We had cameras filming for DVD purposes, and we rolled the tape from the moment the fans entered to the end of the concert just in case to look at the seat in question. Firstly, the seat was vacant from the opening to the first half of the concert. Somewhere between the first and second half, the seat was taken by somebody. Our company did not sell or give the ticket to anyone else. There are times when audience members go to the restroom, and our staff will lead them there and follow them back, checking to see that everyone returns to their seat afterwards. We're guessing it could have been a situation where an audience member came back from the restroom, saw the empty seat, and decided to move there."
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1. Prove yourself (T/n: It's an jab a EDAM because they asked the fan who got kicked out to "prove" that her tickets were legal over and over again. From the previous post: Despite providing various documents for clarification, including ID, ticket payment records, official fan club card, and communication with a friend who helped with the ticketing, Blogger A was ultimately denied entry on the day of the concert.)

2. Vindicate yourselfㅋㅋ

3. What are you saying? Prove yourself again~~~)

4. Disappointed in IU...

5. So you're just defending yourself using words? Justify yourself with more proofs~

6. Prove yourself again

7. Give us the evidences and prove yourself

8. Vindicate yourself already. Someone definitely sat at that seat. Find that person and make that person explain themselves too

9. This is a request to submit additional justification for rejection of your claim

10. Do it again~!!

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