Kep1er: You must come to convenience stores if you come to Japan 
K: Me too 
MC: There are convenience stores in Korea too right?
K: The number of items in a Japanese convenience store is another level, so you must come

He said that Japanese convenience stores' levels were different when asked if Korea also had convenience stores ㅋㅋㅋ

Crazy. He's the same one who said "Sea of Japan" last time too

People are torn between: he's bringing down Korea VS he's allowed to say stuff like that 

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1. He's so consistent 

2. It's not the first or second time he said the wrong thing right?

3. Wow...

4. Ugh why are they making people like him come to Korea? Just make him stay in his own country ㅠ

5. Ok I'll remember &Team as the people who said Japan's sea and Japan's level is different

6. F*ck people are sure selling our country out 

7. Why does he even want to promote in Korea then? But then I realize, the same company is promoting Sakura ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. He said Japan's sea??? And he's allowed to promote..

9. This guy was problematic since I-land..

10. Him again? He really insists on his way of thinking 


Kep1er: Our members too really like convenience stores (in Japan)

Hinatazaka46: So cute~~

&Team K: Me me me me~! After living in Korea, I realized that Japanese convenience stores are the total package

Sanma san: Eh? But doesn't Korea also have convenience stores?

&Team K: But (the products)' level is different

Sanma san: Don't they have a lot of products too? What about Japan?

&Team K: (If you come to Japan) you must go to convenience stores right?

&Team members: we must 

&Team K: It's like "What do you want to eat today?" "Let's just go to the convenience store!" and then we go there

Sanma sang: I was watching Korean dramas and they have lots of convenience stores though?

Kep1er: It's like a bakery.. 

original post: here

1. Sanma san literally simply asked "Aren't there convenience stores in Korea too?" ...

2. This is even worse 

3. Looks like he sure is proud of his Japanese convenience store

4. I thought Sanma was the one who set him up, but he didn't?

5. What is Hybe even doing?

6. The MC even tried to stop him...

7. Male idols are impressively cheap 

8. This was so unnecessary to say..

9. It's good that we have the video, now we know that male idol is the problem here

10. He's promoting in Korea, doing KPOP and called our sea Japan's sea????????

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