You keep releasing Min Heejin's Katalk messages, and that's supposed to be a 'rational' behavior. But you say that since Min Heejin isn't suing, she's admitting to the Katalk content?

Then why isn't HYBE suing Dahnworld? They've been mentioning HYBE artists for years to promote themselves. Why not sue them??

If you say they already announced a "lawsuit against Dahnworld!!" that's just HYBE suing the 'public' for associating them with Dahnworld. They are not actually suing Dahnworld for unauthorized promotion using BTS.

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Exactlyㅋㅋㅋㅋ One of the main reasons the public was making a fuss is because of Dahnworld, right? Do they really think people are so invested in just Min Heejin and Bang Sihyuk fighting for weeks? Why aren't they addressing or suing over the important controversies??

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By the way, that video is from 2018,ㄷㄷ and they still haven't sued...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Is it true that foreign media covering the Burning Sun scandal will also cover Dahnworld in June?

4. [+126, -19]
"Anyways, something big is comingㅋㅋ investigation into Dahnworld overseas

There's a documentary coming out about Taylor's experiences (?), and while investigating, they found a connection with HYBE, so they decided to cover it together. It's coming out soon in June."

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Ah I don't know~ I will reveal keep on revealing Katalks with Min Heejin~

6. [+40, -2]
For real
"March Seminar Omotemachi 'brain education' from parent-child yoga that BTS learned as well

A brain-activating program based on the five stages of brain education. You can experience LOVE MYSELF yoga as a parent and child or as a solo participant."

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