[PC stories/Life] MY LIFE AS A LONER

Have you ever be an outcast??
Hey everyone. I want to tell you about my pathetic life as a misfit. Since I was in elementary school, I never had a friend. Nobody wants to be my friend because I am very shy and introvert. So, I just sitting at my desk alone while everyone grouped together to chit chat. I just sat at my place alone and I usually painting, drawing, writing or reading just to survive at school. I didn't go out during lunch break and just eating bread because I am not confident to go to the canteen because there are many kids there and I don't want them to notice my existence.
 This condition continued until my highschool days. I don't have close friend at all. Everyone is dating. Nobody was interested in me and I start to think that I'm unpretty, weird or maybe disgusting to others. I accepted my flaw and I make myself understand that I won't find love because God sent no one to love me. It's sad but I have to endure it. I have no friends, no lover. Taylor Swift might look at me and got no inspiration at all to write a song .

I have no friends both online and offline. Sometimes I want to cry at myself because I felt sorry because I have to go through all these hardship. Sometimes I became optimistic and believe that this will make myself stronger. But as I'm getting older I realized that I'm lonely and I keep on pretending that I'm happy that I need no one by my side.but, I also want to experience feeling love by a man that loves me too. I guess I can just forget about it and continue to be an outcast. 

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