The picture next to [NewJeans'] was a fanart that was revealed on December 2022
Meanwhile NewJeans's debut was on July 2022

[240424] We protect @NewJeans_ADOR by exposing false claims of ‘plagiarism’ regarding products released by Japanese hip-hop groups.
The launch of 'Ochawan's Hip Hop College' goods on December 15, 2022 sparked controversy over its similarity to the graphic design of @NewJeans_ADOR, which was released five months ago in July 2022.
In an apology (uploaded December 20, 2022), merchandise artist Kyokaikehara/Chisako acknowledged that ADOR's concept design for #NewJeans was used as a reference.


Hybe's company stans were posting rumors about how NewJean's bunny character was plagiarized so I bought into it too, but turns out, the NewJeans character was released a whole 5 months before. And the other party even ended up apologizing 

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The NewJeans rabbit arm details ♡

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You can't trust Hybe's mediaplay, that's the answer. Everything that comes from them is a lie 

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Can people stop believing Bang Sihyuk now 

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No but the quality alone, you can tell who the original one 

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Even their made up rumors are sloppy ㅜ

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