This was the common image people had of Gfriend in the past

And this is when they entered Hybe

I was so shocked when I heard of this, I bet the members were just as shocked

Q: In fact, 'Apple' and 'Mago', which GFriend released after their agency was acquired, were met with mixed reviews due to the drastic change. What were your thoughts at the time?

A: I still remember being so surprised after hearing the 'Apple' demo. I thought that it was definitely not the music that came to mind when we thought of GFriend, but despite these changes, we gradually had fun recording it with the attitude that if we expressed it with our voices, it would become GFriend's music. There is a phrase in the lyrics, “The transparent glass bead shines red,” which refers to the title of the debut song, “Glass Bead,” so I had a lot of thoughts about this and that. Instead of being scared and wary when given a situation, I had an open mind that this was a plausible [concept for us]. In the end, it is more important to fully pull off the concept as if it's ours. 

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1. [+753, -18]
I used to be a Buddy and when they joined Hybe, I actually thought they could do better because of the financial backing they had. But they suddenly came out with some witch bullsh*t concepts and then disbanded. If Mago wasn't an experimental concept and that Le Sserafim's debut and Danworld were the reason behind it, Hybe is seriously a crazy group. They need a beating and I support Min Heejin 

2. [+660, -13]
At this rate, the clear victim to Hybe is Gfriend no?

3. [+638, -13]
After the contract ended, Umji posted on Instagram that she would like to keep the glass beads transparent... ㅠ It's so sad

4. [+548, -12]
The "transparent glass bead shines red" was the killing point 

5. [+501, -11]
Honestly, with what is being talked about around, this the rumors must be true to a certain degree ㅋㅋ

6. [+192, -4]
Can someone tell me more about this? I think that other things might be a nitpick, but the lyrics to Mago and the prayer of Danworld are exactly the same. Is that fabricated?
My life was waiting for Mago’s arrangement. Amen Mago is always with me and smiles at me.
My heart beats for you, Amen.
There is no need for superstitions that are wrong and foolish. 
The night of judgment will return like a thief.
I'm afraid.
Mago nim, Mago nim
Please judge me
I will not be shaken
Mago nim, Mago nim 

Bottom (GFriend's lyrics)
My life is waiting for you, yes you
She smiles at me in the mirror (hakuna matata) 
My heart is beating for you, yes you
No more fairy tales
The night is tic tak tic tak
Ring my heart

Mago mago
Judge me now
I won't be shaken
Mago mago
dance for me
The night is tic tak tic tak
Feel so high

In the midnight
In this midnight, oh
Reborn and fly in the blessing of flame. ah

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