"Lee Seungheon (founder of Danworld) 

President of Global Cyber ​​University, Director of Korea Brain Science Research Institute"

Hybe keeps denying this, but if those are all rumors, they should explain why there are so many of those "coincidences"

1. Danworld's founder Lee Seungheon = Founder of Brain Education, Global Cyber University

2. This is what the director of the Global Cyber University said in an interview: 
I listened to Bang Sihyuk. When Bang Sihyuk formed BTS, he tried to form it based on personality rather than ability or talent. It seemed like it became the driving force behind BTS. “[BSH's philosophy] fits well with Cyber ​​Global University’s educational philosophy, humanitarianism, and our focus on leading the Korean Wave.”
6 out of 7 BTS members graduated from college. There are a lot idols who graduated from college, but if you look at [Hybe/BTS'] websites, podcasts, and videos, you can see that they have been promoting BTS as a group since their debut. They've been consistently promoting BTS as a group since their debut. So why do [Hybe] like BTS so much? Because BTS is a group that delivers their message/philosophy.

3. Lee Seungheon: "At Global Cyber ​​University, we are teaching brain education that no university teaches. That's why BTS is currently studying brain education. BTS is giving love and inspiration to many people around the world, they're delivering the message "Love Myself , Love Yourself”. I am very happy to see young people like them spreading this kind of message.

4. Lee Seungheon: “Love yourself. The proud students that we have carry BTS' message and the humanitarian meaning behind it.” (Hongik/Humanitarianism is their university’s educational philosophy)

"On the afternoon of the 12th, BTS unveiled the title song 'No More Dream' at a showcase commemorating the release of their debut single '2 COOL 4 SKOOL' held at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, and announced their debut."

5. BTS debuted at Ilji Art Hall, which is also owned by Lee Seungheon 


-> What BTS philosophy are you talking about? Isn't this supposed to be a music group?

9. BTS focusing on connecting pieces on their album covers

10. Lee Seungheon's book: If you get a chance to read this book, check out the lyrics in BTS' songs too, there's a connection 

11. As you can see here, their messages remain tied together

But the reality is: He got an American lawsuit, which called his yoga center a cult group in 2010

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1. [+508, -123]
People claiming that BTS is some victim who didn't know anything are even funnier. They've been with this since their trainee days and they've been with Bighit for over 15 years. They had the opportunity to leave the company 3 times and ultimately stayed there every time 

2. [+480, -42]
I'm adding this one 
"Looking through K-pop BTS, 
God instills dreams and ambitions in young people so that they can immediately take the world into their hands.
BTS is a graduate of ‘Benjamin Spirituality School (1-year alternative school for middle and high school students)’ affiliated with Danworld Center."

3. [+410, -47]
Big Hit is clearly funded by the cult. Isn't all this even stranger if this was all a coincidence?

4. [+376, -17]
Why isn't Hybe suing Danworld~~ If they're so good at suing commoners

5. [+350, -91]
Bighit is a company that was built from lies to start with. They claimed that Beenzino and other rappers were originally members of BTS, but Beenzino was already a successful rapper before Bang Sihyuk even debuted BTS and he mentioned that he cut off Bang Sihyuk after knowing that he was going around lying about making a hip hop group with him in it. In any case, it was clear that BTS would be successful no matter who its members were.

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