With this kind of buzz factor, they should be at least enter #1 on Billboard 200 and they could be touring all around the world in stadiums 
It's impossible to sell at this level only in Asia, and the only countries where physical albums are being sold are Korea and Japan. But with only those 2 countries alone, it's impossible to sell 5M copies with just buzz factor alone 
In the end, what drives physical sales are US, Europe and other Western markets, and you need to blow up over there as well. Yet, they don't have a single ounce of reactions in Western countries. So how can Seventeen sell at the level of Taylor Swift?
It's hard to even spot Seventeen's album in European charts like UK, France, Germany, etc. 
And if you look at other countries or even Japan, it's weird for a group to sell this many copies. And when you look at domestically, it's weird to have a group like Seventeen selling this much when they've never been at the craze level of EXO, BTS or Wanna One

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1. [+320, -22]
I can agree with this. The moment Hybe's acquisition news came out, we started seeing them jump to 700K first week sales, yet they didn't have a single hit. After that, they just kept on climbing and climbing, which was so suspicious. And they've never really made it overseas like BTS or even Stray Kids did

2. [+316, -10]
The way you talk is kinda offensive, but it's true that selling 5M is a bit weird

3. [+268, -8]
You sound rude, but you're also telling the truth ㅋㅋ Seventeen sticks out like a sore thumb, that's why it's even worse. They have no mega hit songs, and nobody even know the members' names. Whenever I see groups like that sell over a million, I'm just taken aback ㅋ

4. [+206, -7]
You can tell just by looking at their Melon ranking... 

5. [+182, -6]
The way they sold 5M copies honestly made me go "huh?" I know that BTS also sold 5M, so are Seventeen the first ones to achieve that after BTS? Nobody can say that Seventeen is at the level of BTS though... The 3rd generations' top boy groups are all serving right now and the last ones to go will be Seventeen, so how are they able to sell 5M as if they were the current one top...?

6. [+93, -10]
If there were 100 people in our country, 99 of them wouldn't know a single Seventeen member. No but I'd even doubt they've even heard of a group like Seventeen 

7. [+87, -4]
I don't know them that well so I can't say this is bullsh*t, but it's my first time seeing a group like Seventeen who has that much of a gap between their results and their recognition

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