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RIIZE's Get A Guitar: Entered at #94
Entered the top 10s after 5 weeks

TWS' Plot Twist: Entered at #268
Entered the top 10s after 2 weeks"

RIIZE's 'Siren' had a huge success, surpassing 1 million subscribers, and then 'Get A Guitar' entered the top 90s and reached the top 10s within 5 weeks. 

On the other hand, TWS debuted without a fandom and weren't even from a survival show, but still entered the top 260s and reached the top 10s within 2 weeksㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

People were saying that they hit daebak in Shorts and Reels so I looked it up, and Get A Guitar's Shorts and Reels had much higher views than Plot Twist'sㅋㅋㅋ 

People were talking about how they are the public's pick, but how did these guys become the public's pick right after their debut????

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1. [+27, -1]
They did this so blatantly while people were questioning RIIZE for chart sajaegi in February and were grabbing them by the hair during Love119

2. [+27, -1]
They are within the Top 10s in the TOP100 chart but they have no recognition among university students and have 0 buzz. It sure is very fascinating

3. [+26, -1]
Get A Guitar stayed in the top 20s for months before peaking at #13zz

4. [+25, -2]
And yet, TWS' fans are looking down on RIIZE?

5. [+22, -2]
Get A Guitar has 20 million views on Reels while TWS can't even go over 10 million. As for Shorts, if they really hit daebak, then it means that RIIZE would be #1 after a few days

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