NewJeans barely went on variety shows lately and people were hating on them for pretending to be special and luxurious but it's not even that they didn't want to go, but that they couldn't...

Even in the OMG movie story and plot, people were saying how they were fighting with the public and acting arrogant and got so much hate but turns out...ㅋㅋ

NewJeans and Min Heejin must've felt f*cking sad all this time

Let's be happy

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1. [+287, -5]
They went on ChimChakMan's broadcast during OMG and you can tell that they got hate even when they tried to promote because people claim that they shouldn't go there as idols. So there was a reason to everything...ㅠㅠ

2. [+186, -13]
We need to keep a close eye on Min Heejin so she doesn't get bullied... we seriously don't know what the crazy cult will do next

3. [+151, -8]
I hope that all of NewJeans are safe and happy

4. [+127, -5]
It's a shame they're going to have to operate under a lot of jealousy even from now on. Now that Min Heejin is gone, the company will have nothing but yes-men, and if that doesn't work, they'll try to force NewJeans in the storage to make LE SSERAFIM blow up

5. [+1210, -9]
But the fact that amidst all this chaos, they were able to schedule NewJeans' comeback is legendary. Min Heejin is f*cking hard working

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