Min Heejin's typhoon exposed many things. A photo came up. It was a picture of the HYBE leaders, all 11 of them male. It turned out to be the same executives who appeared in HYBE's 2021 company explainer video, which was already criticized as “all-male” at the time. That photo was called "f*cking ahjussis" and became a topic on social media.


HYBE was not ashamed or weirded out by the “manosphere”. Despite the criticism of that photo in 2021, in December 2023, the full-time executives changed to nine men and one woman. The average wage for men and women is 76 million won and 51 million won, respectively, which is the largest gender pay gap in the industry. However, they claim that it's a girl's business with girls at the forefront.

Regardless of Min Heejin's background, it's clear that she has a different perspective than the others.

I also remember being dismayed by the promotional photos of the JTBC New Year's Debate hosted by Son Seok-hee in the past. The New Year's debate, an annual event, always featured older men. Isn't it strange that the outlook of Korean society, including politics, society, economy, and media, is always in the hands of 'old men'? A few years ago, I even gave a YouTube lecture titled 'Where have all the women gone'. I don't think they intentionally excluded women because they are journalists. That's what makes it worse. If there is exclusion and discrimination and you don't recognize it, you are incompetent.

The opinions of Min Heejin are extremely mixed, and I don't want to get into the 'how dare a woman', 'how can a woman', or other misunderstandings.

If we don't want to leave the place where Min Heejin's typhoon leaves a ruin, we must carefully revisit our past, which we have taken for granted and considered natural, where we only saw with one eye. Now, let's point fingers together, even at the photos that are now filled only with old men.

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1. How can they all look the same...ㅋㅋ

2. The reason why they lost their touch

3. This has LE SSERAFIM's debut teaser vibes....

4.  11 ahjussis

5. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 it stinks

6. Wow I'd never be able to fangirl on that company's idols. Their main customer base are women but you can see how they are trying to cancel Min Heejin after recruiting her

7. Wow~~ it's all full of ahjussis

8. Min Heejin fighting

"So living as a woman in this society is this difficult..."

10. Wow but it's fascinating how their impressions are all the same...

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