When I first saw the article about him making a presentation to the company to change their policy, I thought "Huh? Aren't singers about selling their own album? Does he have to go this far? Why?" But I now understand ㅎㅎ...

In the interview they gave regarding the contract renewal, there were talks about how the members would've all left the companies but the members decided to renew because they were looking at the fans. I found the wording strange, but now, I know they were trying to sugarcoat it ㅎ

"BTS is known to have a strong say in their agency. It is said that there was a case where leader RM received a positive response by giving a presentation (PT) directly to HYBE's executives in order to change the company's policy."

I remembered they published an article saying that after BTS spent some time in HYBE their hair grew thick and they did not follow the company's anymore ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Did they go crazy after seeing that..? 

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1. Does international Army not know that there's some conflict between BTS and HYBE? Just why are international fans still supporting HYBE? I don't get it 

2. What I don't get is knowing that this happened, why are international fans especially prone to siding with Hybe? You'd think that BTS members actually like HYBE... What's the point of doing all this?

3. BTS needs to part ways with HYBE... Please come out and build your own company 

4. HYBE are f*ckers

6. RM has a good network, if he comes out, he'll be able to do so many more things 

7. I hope all of HYBE's artists leave the company 

8. RM has a strong sense of responsibility

9. I definitely felt how HYBE uses their artists as a shield this time 

10. There was the NFT incident and also the journalists lined up before their concerts too..ㅋ During their stadium tour

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