People were saying that they gave her straight hair multiple times this promotion so I got curious and looked it up

I've gathered the photos... I might have missed some schedules?

1st week of promotion for Supernova

On M Countdown, MuBank, MuCore and Inkigayo

5/22 Festivals at Dankook Uni and Gangnam Uni

2nd week of promotion for Supernova

On M Countdown

5/23 Festival at Kyunghee Uni

5/24 MuBank

5/24 Festival at Kwangwoon Uni

5/25 Music Core

5/25 Yonsei Uni

5/26 Inkigayo

5/27 Armageddon Showcase

5/27 Comeback live

5/30 Armageddon at M Countdown

5/30 Festival at Sungkyunkwan Uni

In the 11 days and 16 schedules, she had the typical straight hair 8 times, styled straight hair 3 times and wavy hair 5 times
She indeed got a lot of straight hair styling

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1. Seems like she likes straight hair

2. The waves aside, there really hasn't been any change... Fans have a reason to comment about it. Didn't she get wavy hair? They can clearly give them to her. During Supernova, the other members had pigtails, pins, hats, choppy bangs, and accessories, but she always looks the same. For the first performance of Armageddon, it was the same straight hair again.

3. Perms suit her well.

4. Maybe Giselle prefers it this way?

5. Winter once mentioned doing straight hair, but she said she needed to discuss it with her hair stylist first. This makes it seem like artists and stylists talk things over

6. Other members often ask fans about their hairstyle preferences on Bubble, so it seems like members' opinions are considered. So I think it might be Giselle's personal preference, and I can't really criticize that. Plus, the long straight style suits her and looks good on her so...

7. It does suit her the best though

8. She freaking matches straight hair. Maybe that's just her preference?!

9. She suits straight hair but I wish they could give her some colorful extensions? or things like that

10. Giselle really seems to like straight hair and big circle lenses

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