[instiz] HYBE'S 2024 PLAN

J-hope documentary 3/28
J-hope special album 3/29

Jin discharge 6/12

J-hope discharge 10/17

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1. So they have nothing planned for Q3 and Q4?

2. There's nothing for Q3 and Q4? This is extinction 

3. Wow they're already discharging? Why did it feel so fast?

4. So they're actually debuting another group (t/n: KATSEYE) but looks like they have nothing planned past Q2

5. Why is there nothing for Q3?

6. Give us NewJeans' full album you money crazy bast*rds

7. Where's this from?

8. They've only written the things they've confirmed, there's no changes for things like discharge anyways

9. And it's the beginning of enlistment for us f*ck (t/n: Seventeen are enlisting from Q4) 

10. Hul Seventeen are starting to enlist this year

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