They all look like Barbie dolls...

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1. Wow
> Nobody is losing here... all 4 have such toned and good bodies

2. Let's last long, kids

3. their self-management is just the best..

4. Seriously, I haven't seen any of them gain weight once

5. BP's silhouettes are seriously legendary...

6. There are probably no outfits they can't wear right? Life must be so fun for them...

7. It's fascinating how all of them have small faces... how can their faces be this small?

8. I'm just so jealous of their lives... they have good specs.. You need to be born with good luck to have a life like theirs

9. Wow all 4 are power celebrities

10. It's seriously a fraud that Lisa isn't 170... How can her proportions look like that?

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