First of all, their photobooks specification are the fundamentals

Their digipack specifications (they have that signature face-shot for the covers) 

I'm already satisfied with this 
But ever since 2022, they have unveiled the "Smini"

It started with RV's Birthday 

And the released one for every album

It's a keyring sized mini CD, but there's no physical CD
There's a nfc inside where you can scan it with your phone (you need the app) 
It's a digital album you can listen to 

And there's an on-off voice feature in the Smini
where you can also listen to just the instrumental of the song
it's so satisfying because you can listen to the instrument, the beat, etc. 

Smini has a rather simple structure, containing only one poker card and NFC.
Environmentally speaking, it produces less waste and does not take up space.
If you're a fan, you should definitely buy it

And in 2021, aespa started experimenting with the POS version for their albums

They developed this AR virtual reality album for Kwangya... 
Of course it's because it fits with aespa's world perfectly

SM has always released a album case version of their albums but now they inserted an AR version into it

And this time for the Armageddon CDP ver.

There was a review that the Savage p.o.s album actually looked too much like a toy, so to make up for that, the design was similar to the KWANGYA, but the function was to include a CD player as a component ㄷㄷ

You can of course stick your earphones in the CD layer and there are different colors too 

Of course you can listen to it without wires too! 

And just like old CDPs, the track number, playback time, and remaining battery level are all displayed
the sample posted on the center director’s Instagram

And the font is also aespa's font

It costs 183,300 won but the pre-orders are 145,000 won
People said it was too expensive so nobody would buy it but

They released it in 1 hour and the 100K copies all sold out
So they did a 2nd batch at 7pm and it was sold out right away too 
It was so popular, it already reached 1.7M
Note that overseas orders are still not possible, so this is only domestically 

It is expected to be released in offline stores around mid-July.

Personally, I’m glad that SM released a CDP.
SM always pays attention to CD design.
Actually, I usually don't use CDs, so it was just for ornamental purposes.
But now I'm thinking about buying a CDP and using it for CDs for real.

Wendy's CD was a button design

You can tell they put so much attention to their CD details
So it's a waste to not actually use them 

They seem sincere with the way they design things 



And there are even the small details that makes you emotional


Everyone has their 'office' where they experience challenging moments, joys, loneliness, and sadness. I sincerely hope you don't face any moments that world make you question your worth and values.

"To all workers in the world! I dedicate it to you"

"To everyone who has their own ‘office’! I dedicate it to you"

"UR Good & Great already"

And NCT Wish who debuted recently even had a keyring album 

There's an NFC in the keyring where you can play music 

Taeyeon's Christmas album

Wendy also had 300 versions with preserved flowers that she putted herself in the album 

They also had an analog album, which was a real cassette

And Taeyeon had an LP

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1. I'm so envious ㅜㅜ Their albums are so prettyㅜㅜㅜㅜ SM-ah please give Suju a pretty album once too ㅠㅠㅜ

2. RV are freaking pretty 

3. aespa's CDP is so nice, but so expensive ㅜㅡㅜ

4. I'm not a fan...But I want one, this is so refreshing to see ㅜㅜ I love collecting physical albums..ㅜㅜ I'm really debating on the CDP ㅜㅜ

5. Seriously the moment they start experimenting with Digipacks, people started releasing poster versions and QR versions.... 

6. NCT Wish's WICHU is so cute ><

7. They're crazy about money, but they're also a crazy company...

8. What a crazy company 

9. The cake album is freaking impressive

10. I'm seeing the Smini for the first time, it's freaking impressive and cute

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