A, a core member of SM's team, told CBS No Cut News on the 17th, "It is not something new that Hybe paid attention to SM's culture technology. Among the long-time practitioners here, there's not a single person who wasn't head hunted (recruited) from Hybe." He said, “There is no one who has never received an offer (from them),” and “This was especially true in the areas of new talent development and producing personnel.”

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1. Wow they'll never leave SM alone 

2. But why...Is Hybe so obsessed with SM?

3. NCT's manager also moved there. They have so many SM staffs

4. Ugh...

5. If they're gonna steal from someone of course it'll be SM
They're the ones who have been there the longest and they have lots of employees

6. I know the entertainment industry has always been around, but it seems like Hybe itself doesn't think about discovering new talents and only thinking about bringing who's already there in the company... Rather than this being wrong or right... They just feel very "nouveau riche"

7. But isn't it obvious that SM's employees will be poached from everywhere? They're working in the top entertainment company, of course they'll be poached ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. No but why are they this obsessed over SM?

9. ㅋㅋ That's so disgusting 

10. This can't be helped, if you're starting a company of course you'd want experienced people in 

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