I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused..." 

The reason why he apologized

"The video posted yesterday was a joke between friends. I apologize to Bang Ye Dam and his fans for the fact that the video was filmed in Bang Ye Dam's studio. Please do not misunderstand or make unnecessary speculations about the video. I apologize to those who were concerned after seeing the footage. I will be more careful."

"I kept my apology and explanation brief out of fear and regret, but it seems that it has led to even more controversy, and so I am writing to address the issue again. Some friends and I who are close frequently visit Bang Ye Dam's studio to listen to music, watch movies, and drink. The other day, five of us gathered for drinks, and a little after midnight, Bang Ye Dam and one of our friends left after getting drunk. I was left with the others and continued to drink, and we followed the recent trend of making a set up video, thinking to post in on my private account, but it was accidentally posted on my public story. It was not filmed illegally.

As someone who dreamt of becoming of actor, I would like to sincerely apologize for my immaturity which stirred up this controversy. I express my apologies toward all those who felt discomfort because of the video, and to my fans who cherish me, and I will make sure to act with caution from now on."
CR: Allkpop

"1. Actor Lee Seohan (Bang Yedam's friend) posted an allegedly illegal video on Instagram.

2. Due to the quality of the video, it is difficult to see the face and body, and it appears that the man is doing fingering

3. The video was deleted after about an hour

4. The location is Bang Yedam's music studio that has been publicized on YouTube

5. It is believed to have been taken in the restroom inside the workshop (the video is shaky)

6. It is unknown whether the person filming acted alone, coordinated the filming, or both.

7. It seems to be an illegal video distribution, so it needs to be publicized and investigated."

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1. So the two are friends?

2. If he filmed that in secret, how will the other party know about it?ㅋ

3. Oh what a turn off

4. So he's posting p*rn on his Insta story?

5. The fault of a dumb friend....

6. Can this thing be brought to the police?

7. If they never revealed his music studio publicly, nobody would've known that it was Bang Yedam's studio

8. What is "fingering"?

9. They both need to be investigated

10. I wonder if Bang Yedam knew?

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