As 4th Gen Girl Groups are now fully taking over, and 3rd Gen idols are well into their next phase of their careers, how are things shaping out for them? Using some previous generation as examples.

TWICE- In my opinion, a very unique situation since out of 9 members, there are 4 in the "foreign line". Not saying it's impossible, but strictly speaking from previous experiences, it's not very likely that they will stay and pursue a career in Korea, and if they are even in-demand in other media is a legit question (Sana being the most likely one, possibly in variety entertainment, followed by Momo, but Mina and Tzuyu quite frankly are more "quiet" and does not appear to be the trendy type). They may stay in Korea to continue as strictly idols and debut solo or as a unit, but if other opportunities present themselves in their home countries, it's not out of the question that they may return home and pursue a career there. Jeongyeon had a history of medical issues, and who knows if she will continue a career in the celebrity spotlight. Nayeon and Jihyo have had their solo debuts and seems likely they will continue on this path.

RED VELVET- Wendy likely will continue as a solo artist, being the vocalist of the group and may continue on as a musical actress for the long-term. Joy has tried her hand in acting, but so far it's been no luck, and quite frankly it does not appear to be her forte. Yeri on the other hand has had better responses, but still really green in this area and has plenty of room for improvements. To be completely blunt, Irene's reputation has gone down the drain in Korea, but who knows, we've seen people bounce back from worse.

GFRIEND- VIVIZ is Vivizing and recently tracks have actually improved. Yuju has gone solo, but still only early stages in her career and it's never easy as a solo artist. Sowon has gone acting but made no noise quite frankly. Yerin also gone solo, but received little attention under her new company.

OH MY GIRL- Compared to other bigger companies, actually very good activities as solo entertainers, which is usually a good sign for long-term prospects when groups eventually disbands. Arin has begun taking on more roles in acting, but still quite awkward. Seunghee also surprising diving into acting, only taking on smaller roles for now. Mimi on the other hand became the variety idol and blew up that way. YooA has gone solo, decent to average results.
IOI- First note is that they have arguably the most active acting-idols out of the Third Gen, some in partly due to group hiatuses and diving earlier than usual to other forms of entertainment industry. From Sejeong to Mina to Chaeyeon to Sohye, Doyeon, Nayoung, Jieqiong (in China) and even Yoojung. Yeonjung has also been quite active in musicals now, another form of acting. The others like Somi and Chungha have had their own shares of solo music. Especially both with massive hits and made a name for themselves.

Of course there's a lot more groups, but getting too long now and some not too familiar so I will let their own fans comment if this gets posted.

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