Here's the thing. I changed schools this academic year and in the new schools I made a bunch of friends. One of the first friends I made here, let's call her A, is really nice and stuff. But there's one problem, she always asks for my notes. She is not very studious but still always wants a good grade. She often doesn't attend classes and just goes to malls and movies rather than studying. Every time exams approach she starts asking for the notes I've taken. I'm pretty studious and i attend all the lectures and work hard to make notes so i really don't want to give them to her. I feel like she doesn't work hard, takes my notes and is able to pass the exam all thanks to my hard work. Once she even shared my notes with a bunch of other classmates claiming that she made them and when I confronted her, she said it was just a joke and she wasn't serious. Other than that she is very nice. For the past few exams I did give her some (not all) of my notes but now I really don't want to give them to her. How do i politely decline?

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