Wishing for a safe escape for Min Heejin and all the Ador teams from HYBE! 
I don't care who did what wrong, but we all know too well that under management that sees a company as a tool for their pride fights, there's no money, respect, or opportunity right? 
Individuals can be emotional, but companies need to focus on profit. F*ck, my HYBE stocks are already down the drain, and if clinging to petty viral marketing to catch a talented planner is considered management, then I'm Lee Kun-hee! I hope they escape soon!!

And the choreography is seriously crazy!!!"

+ Work done my designer Park Siyoung (CEO of Bitnaneun Studio)

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1. HYBE is just too much of a mess

2. If you're a creator, you should be supporting Min Heejin

3. Looking at the comments supporting the company, you'd think Min Heejin took all the investment money and disappeared. She made a ton of money for them! Min Heejin, fighting!!!

4. The talk about HYBE being weird had already spread in the industry, but HYBE themselves have shown that they're even more petty and unethical than expected. The one whose reputation has tanked isn't Min Heejin's but HYBE's

5. If you want to take sides or fight, let HYBE and Min Heejin do it themselves. Just leave NewJeans alone. When did NewJeans become Min Heejin's creative portfolio? How long do we have to endure people worshipping Min Heejin and treating NewJeans as some product from Min Heejin?

6. Talented creators are all supporting Min Hee-jinㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ while the untalented ones stick with HYBE

7. This ahjussi not only has artistic sense but also seems to have his own philosophy. Maybe that's why all his works are so unique and original. He's not a well-known name in the industry for nothing.

8. He's someone I respect a lot

9. Min Heejin and NewJeans, fighting

10. This person is so... naive.. of course Min Heejin is doing all of this for money

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