BTS producer, PLEDIS Entertainment CEO, and more have now raised their voice against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin. Read on to know what's happening.

The ongoing HYBE-ADOR feud seems be to coming to an end with the court hearings. To support HYBE in its case against ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, important individuals from the agency’s subsidiaries have now come forward. BTS and TXT’s producers, PLEDIS Entertainment’s CEO, and more have filed a new petition for Min Hee Jin’s dismissal as ADOR’s CEO.

According to reports that emerged on May 24, a bunch of key individuals from HYBE’s many subsidiaries have raised their voices against Min Hee Jin. Among the ones who submitted a petition supporting her dismissal as CEO are BTS’ producer Pdogg, SEVENTEEN’s agency PLEDIS Entertainment’s founder Han Sung Soo, LE SSERAFIM’s agency SOURCE MUSIC’s chief producer So Sung Jin, TXT producer Slow Rabbit, and more.

In addition to Pdogg, BTS’ performance director Son Sung Deuk, and creative director Kim Sung Hyun also showed their joint support for HYBE’s court case against Min Hee Jin.

This report by Newsis comes just a day after NewJeans’ petition against Min Hee Jin’s dismissal as ADOR’s CEO. With both sides trying their utmost to maintain their position, all eyes are on the final decision by the court, which will subsequently decide Min Hee Jin’s fate at ADOR.

Meanwhile, on May 17, the first court hearing between HYBE and ADOR’s Min Hee Jin was held at the Civil Division 50 of the Seoul Central District Court. In the presence of Chief Judge Sang Hoon Kim, both parties presented their case. 

Min Hee Jin requested an injunction against the banning of HYBE’s exercise of voting rights in the upcoming general shareholder meeting. As the largest shareholder of ADOR (almost 70% percent), HYBE can have a great influence on Min Hee Jin’s future journey as the CEO. Hence, she filed a lawsuit to stop the dismissal.

For the unversed, this ongoing power battle between HYBE and its subsidiary ADOR began with CEO Min Hee Jin’s alleged plan to usurp management rights.

HYBE invoked an audit against her when her alleged scheme to serve ADOR was discovered. What followed was a long going public feud, that brought out many past incidents involving many groups affiliated with HYBE subsidiaries.
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Bang Sihyuk

Han Sungsoo (Pledis Master Professional)
So Sung-jin (Source Music, producer of Le Sserafim)
Pdogg (Big Hit Music's chief producer, who has helped build BTS's musical world)
Son Sung-deuk (BTS's performance director)
Kim Sung-hyun (Creative director for BTS and Le Sserafim)
Slow Rabbit (Producer for TXT)

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