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ADOR's CEO Min Heejin, who calls herself ‘NewJeans' Mom’, is expected to cause a stir after the contents of the KakaoTalk chat she shared with the vice-president belittled the members.

On the 17th, Youtube channel Celebrity VP Lee Jinho released a video titled ‘Shocking Exclusive! NewJeans data released’.

"B*tch go try to off yourself....."

Lee Jinho said, "Earlier this year, a female employee was harassed for SA within ADOR, and the issue was raised to Hybe. At the time, the vice president said, 'Wouldn't it be better to go with a young girl?' and then took the young female employee to a drinking party with the employees of a partner company to create a friendly atmosphere. Afterwards, the men left somewhere and the woman felt ashamed and raised the issue to Hybe. An official investigation was conducted within Hybe in March, and a warning was issued as it was determined to be a problem with the communication process and it ended like that,” he said. At the time, CEO Min Heejin left the following text message to the vice-president regarding this incident. “XX, go try to off yourself”.

- This is why I hate working with kids of "that" house
- They f*cking hate working and freaking complains about being tired, being worn out, they have no sense of responsibility...
- I know women are women, but I freaking hate it 
- They enjoy talking about light-hearted things and doesn't care about work. They're so carefree
- They're also narrow-minded
- You're gonna work with me, then show that you'd rather die than work, and then getting jealous. What a bunch of f*ckers... 

What's even more shocking is the KakaoTalk content that Min Heejin, who usually calls herself NewJeans' Mom, shared with the members while they were preparing their award acceptance speeches. “It was the most difficult thing to believe while covering the story,” Lee Jinho said. “Isn't CEO Min Heejin the one who has the most affection for NewJeans, cry at the press conference, saying, ‘I wondered if this is how it feels to raise children.’ And Chairman Bang Sihyuk the one who did not accept greetings from the members?” he said while revealing those Katalk messages. 

The contents of KakaoTalk say, "I just tell them to always be humble. Even though they are fat like pigs, they are gaining popularity. They pretend to be cool by saying cool things, but if they don't actually greet me, I think I'll kill them." "What do they know? Just look in the mirror." 's remarks were made public.

- I told them to always stay humble
- Even if they gain weight like pigs, I can make them famous
- So they can pretend to be cool by saying cool things
- But if they don't actually greet me, I feel like I'll kill them 
- What do they know? 
- Just look at the mirror ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
- They didn't hit big because they're good 
- They can't even lose a single ounce of weight, I want to scold those freaking chodings to death 
- Wow they're freaking fat f*ck 
- Seeing those thoughtless f*ckers having fans makes me furious 

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1. This is a tabloid with little credibility in the first place

2. Bang Sihyuk is the freaking fat man 

3. While other companies are suing cyber wreckers, Hybe is going straight to cyber wreckers

4. So Hybe is a company affiliated with cyber wreckers ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Do people really believe those tabloids?

6. Meanwhile this Youtuber isn't explaining BTS' sajaegi?!

7. Nobody actually believes this though, They're the one talking about shaman and cults and whatnot, but only one is clearly tied to one ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. What about talking about him telling them to raise albums sales? ㅋㅋㅋ The bandwagon is insane 

9. If this is true, it's f*cking shocking, I hope it's note... 

10. Is this true? Is it even legal to leak someone's Katalk like that? 

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