Fans have mixed opinions about Fromis_9 member Park Jiwon's recent statement regarding their pay.

Recently, Fromis_9 held a live broadcast via Weverse, where they engaged in various discussions.

In particular, on that day, Park Jiwon said, "I will receive my first salary within this year," which caused other members to laugh awkwardly.

After the broadcast, fans were shocked. The fact that Fromis_9, who debuted 7 years ago, has yet to receive their first salary is incomprehensible to them. Especially since Fromis_9 is known to have a strong fandom, enough to sell out solo concerts, and is known for participating in numerous events.

In response, fans expressed their disbelief, saying, "Is it even possible not to receive any salary in seven years?", "They've been participating in so many events since their debut, how could they not have received any salary?", "If Fromis_9 can't get their salary, how do other smaller idol groups manage?", "Receiving zero salary is truly unfair," and more. On the other hand, some speculated that Park Jiwon might have meant 'the first settlement of this year' rather than the entire duration since debut.

Furthermore, member Lee Chaeyoung raised suspicions of neglect during a Weverse live broadcast on the 7th, saying, "Why are we the only one unable to promote... Why can't we be active for a long time? It's so sad."

Regarding this matter, Mydaily reached out to their agency, Pledis Entertainment, on the 20th, but received no specific response.

The agency previously stated regarding Lee Chaeyoung's statement, "We are smoothly preparing for Fromis_9's comeback. We plan to showcase various activities this year, including not only music but also special photo exhibitions," adding, "We have no plans to spare any support necessary for this."

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1. Isn't it obvious?

2. Talk about being careless ㅋㅋ

3. The fact that the industry is set up so that you can't get paid right away is just weird, there's just too many weird things about celebrities contract 

4. How are they living? ㅠㅠ

5. Looks like it's true 

6. Hul so they're only told to work and make money but they're not getting any?

7. HYBE again?

8. Seems like there are a lot of Pledis shielders here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. So it's true? ㄷㄷㄷ

10. This company has so many company stans

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