In fact, it is expected that the outcome of the provisional disposition will determine the results of the interim general meeting of shareholders of ADOR. If the court refers to the provisional disposition, HYBE will not be able to exercise its voting rights at the interim general meeting scheduled for tomorrow (31st), and the dismissal of CEO Min will be impossible. In such a situation, HYBE will have to seek new methods such as an appeal.

On the other hand, if the court rules in favor of HYBE, it will be able to exercise its voting rights immediately, enabling the dismissal of the entire ADOR board, CEO Min. Kim Ju-young, CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), Lee Jae-sang, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), and Lee Kyung-jun, CFO (Chief Financial Officer), are mentioned as the next management team envisioned by HYBE.

The crux of this provisional disposition application lies in the shareholder agreement signed by both parties, which states that 'measures must be taken to maintain the voting rights of the shares to allow the representative director and inside directors of ADOR to remain in office for a period of 5 years from the date of establishment.' CEO Min's side views this clause as the basis for restricting voting rights, but HYBE's position is that 'the exercise of voting rights for dismissal of directors is legitimate, as the majority shareholder is only liable for damages under corporate law.' Currently, the key issue lies in how the court will interpret the binding nature of these voting rights and make its judgment."

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1. Please save NewJEans 

2. Min Heejin needs to go 

3. They can fight alone, but I feel bad for NewJEans...

3. Min Heejin, NewJeans, fighting 

5. Min Heejin fighting, we need to make people who actually do their work do the work 

6. It feels like a lie realizing it's been more than a month that this is going on... Min Heejin fighting 

7. I hate both Min and HYBE and I don't wanna see either of them, only the kids are pitiful 

8. Both suck, I'm shocked that I'm seeing people siding either ways at this point 

9. HYBE is a total disappointment and Min Heejin is scary, I only pity NewJeans

10. Min Heejin is the same as HYBE ㅋㅋ I only support NewJeans 

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