How Sweet by NewJeans. When a new song comes out, there is little chance that music critics will be surprised to see or hear it, and even if they are, it is usually a negative kind of surprise. In that sense, NewJeans is one of the few groups that has consistently given me unexpected [good] surprises since its debut. As a music critic, it is difficult to predict their musical direction to the extent that one feels helpless, and most of the sense and quality of what has been released feels novel even to people like me who have observed the music scene for a long time. What's interesting is that not only critics but also the public feel the same way. NewJeans' music is often called "easy listening", but the essence of it is not that the music itself is easy, but that it makes music that can be complex yet easy to enjoy. The same goes for How Sweet. All the elements of  'old school' were taken and elaborately composed, but it does not feel old, and is full of simple, intuitive cool aesthetics that do not require any explanation or persuasion.

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1. My going to work song!! The song is so good

2. Me too I prefer this over Super Shy

3. Kim Youngdae is a super strict music critic 

4. Me too I prefer it over Super Shy 

5. The more I listen the better better better it gets ㅠㅠ

6. I don't feel this song at all...ㅠㅠ

7. Me too, I feel that way, I'm bad at expressing myself, but as expected, a music critic is different

8. Kim Youngdae is so good with his words

9. This is my favorite release ㅎㅎ

10. It's freaking good 

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