It's the tteokbokki

"Waiting line every night at a tteokbokki specialty store, 'popular'"

"I love tteokbokki, and it's not that spicy.
It's nice to be able to customize it to your own taste."

"Processed rice foods such as tteokbokki, tteokguk, and instant rice product saw a 30% increase from 2021 to 2022 in the US"

"They are bringing in around $86 million in revenue"

+293: Ten years ago, the texture of tteokbokki was treated as leftover rice for foreigners and they were disgusted with it and considered an item that could not be globalized, but it's really strange that public opinion changed and that they now find it delicious.

+202: In the past, when free tasting events for Korean food such as tteokbokki were held in the US, the reaction was mostly negative, with comments such as "It sticks to the teeth and has a bad texture." "I eat it because it's free," but the times are changing like this. As expected, it's something to live for.

- I am an expat living in Sydney, Australia. Although Asian people have been interested in Korean culture and food for a long time, I think the interest in Korean food among European Australians has increased tremendously over the past few years.

In the 90s, Korean restaurants were only for Koreans, but since the 2000s, many non-Asians have been going to Korean restaurants. I think it's really popularized in recent years, because until then, non-Asians were a minority of young people. If you just go to the Strathfield Korean restaurant/business mill area, there are few actual Koreans in Korean restaurants anymore (even though there are other areas where Koreans go exclusively...) It's not uncommon to see European-Australian middle-aged couples who don't know Squid Game or BTS sitting around eating pork belly and drinking wine.

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1. It's delicious right? Please it it a lot

2. I need to eat tteokbokki tomorrow~

3. No but didn't they hate the texture of rice cake?

4. Kids, please try jjolmyeon too

5. Korea is really hot nowadays~~

6. The time has finally come

7. I thought that they hated the texture of rice cakes?? Interesting

8. When I was on exchange, everyone hated Korean foor so much...ㅠㅠㅠ Korean food has come so farㅠㅠㅠ

9. Makes me wonder if their repulsion to the texture of rice cake was imbedded racism tooㅋㅋ

10. It makes me wonder if generations have changed or if this is just the strength of our culture

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