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1. The MV is sooooooo good

2. NewJeans is the only group that made me watch MVs until the end. Their artistry is juts insane

3. The vibes are crazy.... Wow NewJeans are amazingㅠㅠㅠ

4. It's seriously so good

5. Kyah, this is NewJeans......

6. Seriously, it's so hip... it's not joke... but this is the most artistic MV I've ever seen. It makes me realize that when an artist has everything down from music, dance, MV to chemistry, this is what you getㅇㅇ

7. Crazy, no but they are babies but they are so voolㅠ the last scene reminded me of Heroㅠㅠ NewJeans, let's see each other for a long time

8. NewJeans are different, as expected...

9. Seriously, the MV, the dance and the song are all daebak

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