K-pop is so fast-paced that there's a considerable overlap called synchronicity, zeitgeist, or reference coincidence where people have similar thoughts at the same time.
Since I tend to spend quite some time on a project (to make sure it matches well with Heejin unnie or Heejin PD), even if it's bothersome to consciously avoid checking other releases that come out during the process, I don't use any reference that isn't considered a classic. Of course, unintentional references can overlap, even zeitgeist, can't be avoided, but there's no reason to avoid it.
The problem isn't references overlapping, but using each other as references.
Regardless of whether it's commercial or non-commercial media, this is a universal rule for any type of art.
Copy serves no purpose to anyone."

t/n: left to right, top down: 
- How can you already be asleep
- What are you doing...
- Wake up 
- We need to find the reference

1. In Pluto, there was a reference called Atom 
2. In Urasawa, monsters are the most fun.
3. I want to go to a manhwa store 

(t/n: not sure what this means) 

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1. What the?

2. What do they mean?

3. What does it sound like she's bashing NewJeans 

4. I don't understand a single thing, can someone explain ㅠ

5. What she's saying is this: 
Gathering past data as a reference when developing a new work might have some similarities to the reference = no issue
Using someone else as a reference and taking what they're doing at the same time = problem

6. Didn't that person also shoot this MV ㅋㅋㅋ

6. So she thinks it's ok to use someone as a reference as long as it's a classic? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's funny ㅋㅋ 

7. Why is she using Pluto?

8. What she's saying is that ILLIT isn't using references, but copying

9. What she says is true

10. What she's saying is that you can take things as reference, but taking things here and there from each other within a company is just weird

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