The most disgusting thing was the sentencing for the gang r*peㅋㅋ are they insane?

The reporter who first wrote about Jung Junyoung was pregnant at that time (T/N: she reported about Jung Junyoung's molka incident years before the Burning Sun)
But because of his fangirls + the Hannan bugs, she received all sorts of curses
And she got 2 miscarriages after reporting about the incident

Kang Kyungyoon (T/N: Burning Sun reporter) was also tormented by those three's fangirls

To be honest, the fact that brainless fangirls exist like that is just freaking shocking
I wonder if these fangirls will remain silent if they were the ones getting s*xually assaulted?
They honestly are more than mentally deranged
+ To be honest, I can't even view Zico normally anymore

"Yup, it was f*cking s*xy"

"I went through 2 miscarriages and I'm childless right now"

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1. [+1,294, -21]
Wow for real, Zico isn't normal eitherㅋㅋㅋㅋ He was the one talking about the golden phone and it blew up, but he's not playing dumb and there was also his comment about the 7,000 won during the Thailand deluge. He was giving "F*ck you"s to the Thai staffs and fighting with them. Honestly, his mentality isn't normal. His fangirls who are frantically trying to defend his golden phone look like some cult. Same for the BND fangirlsㅋㅋ the way that they are praising him for raising their oppas makes me barf
Jung Junyoung: He would tell me "Hyung~ where is the golden phone(?)?
- He would be laying on the med and go through it as if it was his own

2. [+1,116, -8]
When you mention "Burning Sun", Zico's golden phone is the first thing that comes to my mind. It's honestly disgusting that he brought it up upon himself and then tried to act all prude and innocent... So you're going through phone numbers on someone's bed?

3. [+837, -31]
Forget these three f*ckers, Jung Junyoung, Seungri and Choi Jonghoon. The fact that even Oh Sehun and Zico still have fangirls is fascinating. They were known to be best friends with these f*ckers and wouldn't that fact alone make you nauseous?? It's f*cking disgusting how devoted their fans are

4. [+739, -8]
Every time Zico's golden phone gets mentioned, his fans are shielding him like they were part of some cult. If this post goes to the featured talks, they will crawl in like cockroaches againㅋ

5. [+494, -5]
This isn't just because of i-roaches. Most of Korean fangirls are not in their right minds eitherㅋㅋ they are the cancer of the society

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