As legal disputes between HYBE and Min Heejin's ADOR continue, it has been confirmed that the parents of NewJeans members have appointed a specialist attorney in entertainment dispute.

According to the music industry on the 19th, the parents of NewJeans members appointed attorney Kang Jin-seok, a specialist in entertainment law, on the 14th, ahead of the hearing for the injunction filed by Min Hee-jin to prohibit the exercise of voting rights.

Attorney Kang has handled numerous cases involving disputes over exclusive contracts for celebrities. He introduced himself on his blog as having experience in reviewing past exclusive contracts, terminating exclusive contracts, advising and litigating on damages for breach of exclusive contracts, and lawsuits for the return of investment funds from entertainment companies.

Through Attorney Kang, the parents of NewJeans members submitted a petition to the court. It is reported that this petition contained the intention to work with Min Hee-jin.

Before the situation escalated, they also sent an email to HYBE management protesting the conceptual similarity between NewJeans and another HYBE girl group, Aileet.

Min Hee-jin has appointed the law firm Sejong during the dispute with HYBE.

Separately, the appointment of specialist entertainment dispute attorneys by the parents of NewJeans members has led to speculation in some quarters that there may be a possibility of NewJeans members disputing their exclusive contract with HYBE.

Meanwhile, the temporary shareholders' meeting of ADOR, which HYBE is trying to replace Min Hee-jin and other ADOR executives, will be held on the 31st.

In this regard, it is expected that the court's decision on the injunction will come before the temporary shareholders' meeting.

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1. NewJeans fighting ㅠ If the verdict turns out to be weird, I'm definitely gonna boycott HYBE 

2. Please part ways peacefully with NewJeansㅠ

3. Supporting NewJeans 

4. That mediaplay is insane ㅋㅋㅋ This is why people think that HYBE is on NewJeans and the parents' side ㅋㅋㅋ

5. I support NewJeans' peaceful departure, fighting!!!

6. Why are people comparing this with Fifty Fifty??? How can you look at how HYBE is acting and think that it's remotely similar to Fifty Fifty?

7. Looking at what HYBE has been doing so far, it won't be an easy thing to part ways with them 
They are already planning a long vacation of 1 year and 6 months (aka putting them in the back burner) 
And they keep mediaplaying about how they will protect their artists but meanwhile, all they're doing is mediaplaying while putting down their artists
Do you really think that if there's an issue in a big company, they'll resolve it through communication... It's not like they have no money 

8. The kids who are siding with HYBE, are you guys even thinking about the future? Even before the press conference, HYBE has been mediaplaying, you can tell that they've thrown away these kids a long time ago 

9. The fact that they're trying to frame it as if they only sent the petition through that lawyer is definitely weird ㅎㅎ

10. This situation is totally different from Fifty Fifty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ NewJeans fighting 

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