ADOR Corporation has once again donated support funds for the hearing-impaired, this time in collaboration with their group, 'NewJeans'.

The nonprofit organization, Snail of Love (Chairman Kim Minja), announced on the 22nd that this donation was made from a portion of NewJeans' album sales profits.

This donation to support the hearing-impaired is the second from ADOR and NewJeans, following last year's contribution. With this sponsorship, NewJeans has been listed as the 7th member of Snail of Love's 'Sole Leader' club. Sole Leaders automatically join when their cumulative donations exceed 99 million won.

The donated funds will be used for projects aimed at helping the hearing-impaired find sound, including cochlear implant surgery, support for external device replacement, and language rehabilitation therapy.

ADOR and NewJeans stated, "After last year's sponsorship, we heard stories from families who received the gift of sound. We heard stories of singing birthday songs to hearing-impaired children who couldn't hear, and of hearing-impaired individuals who had difficulty communicating with others gaining hope. We realized that giving the gift of sound is a meaningful act." They added, "We hope to continue our support for the hearing-impaired, aiming to reach more people with good music in the future."


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1. Wow I just learned about it, they're too cool

2. This is so cool, I'm another group's fan but I want to support them 

3. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ They're so cool, I'll support them more in the future

4. Wow it hasn't even been 2 years since their debut no? I didn't knowㅠ This is so impressive!

5. NewJeans and Min Heejin, fighting!!!!

6. The kids are so cool in so many ways 

7. This will make people buy the album even more 

8. What the? NewJeans are so impressive... 

9. NewJeans seriously.... They're so precious and pretty ㅠㅠ

10. So they've consistently done good things, I didn't know. This is so cool!!

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