"Hello, this is SQU4D.

In order to heat up the atmosphere of the show, we agreed with the university to stage a malfunction with the backtrack as an event.

However, in order to create a natural setting, we did not let the NMIXX members know about this beforehand.

We apologize for the discomfort guests and fans felt through this performance and will work hard so that this will not happen again in the future. Thank you to everyone who supported the group at the festival and we apologize once again. Thank you."
CR: Koreaboo

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1. Seriously, this is such a weird way to make a viral moment

2. These days, live performances are being all the talks, and I understand they are doing it for show, but the reaction has been overwhelmingly negative.

3. But let's be honest, it wasn't for the audience, it was just to show off their live singing skills.

4. People saying live is better than lip-syncing are missing the point. Of course, live is a hundred times better than lip-syncing. But this was a staged performance coordinated between the agency and the school. The criticism is about the fake performance, so why bring up lip-syncing?

5. Why does it feel like K-pop is just full of scams these days? Are only scammers doing K-pop now?

6. It's funny that they tried to cover up a sound malfunction as a festival event..ㅎㅎ How is the song cutting off during the performance supposed to hype up the atmosphere?ㅋㅋ They just orchestrated this to go viral and make the singer seem good

7. Aigoo... Who even purposely create an accident for an event... haha.... the company went overboard... everyone already knows that NMIXX were good singers... they tried to go viral but it didn't go as planned...

8. This f*cking suck. If you reveal that it was all a set up, nobody would react to it positively. Just why would they plan such a ridiculous thing?

9. So it was all a scamㅋㅋ they are already good singers so was this even necessary? The timing is also suspicious ((NMIXX))

10. No but JYP is so weird. Why would they go to such extent? Everyone knows that they are good live performers. Why create such bad rumors around them?

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