The thing I want to say is that compared to the astronomical success of Plot Twist in the charts, their fandom is still pretty small

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1. Do they really have the power to be #1?

2. It's my first time seeing a group getting hate for having low views. So if you're getting hate if you're unpopular now?

3. These are singers that had the power to rank #1, #2 on the yearly chart......

4. This is honestly surprising. Their result on the chart made them look like some syndrome and they had a lot of views on Reels too but they are unable to gain a strong fandom so maintaining the success is quite hard

5. Aren't they the muggles' pick? A few months ago, I went to Everland and some kids were singing Plot Twist (at a convenience store)... Even iKON's Love Scenario was the muggles' pick

6. As someone who's been an idol fan for so long, this is indeed quite fascinating. They only exploded with the general public but they barely have a fandom

7. But having fans doesn't necessarily mean good results in the charts. As long as they can stay the muggles' pick

8. They have what it takes to be #1 on the yearly chart so what's with the views?ㅋ

9. But there are sure a lot of people who care about them

10. Aigo... save TWSㅜㅜ

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