I'm a man and only used silicone + ear cartilage in my nose surgery.
I didn't raise it much, just 3mm.
It's been 8 years since I had the surgery and I thought that side effects stories were just other people's story, because it's been 8 years and nothing happened.

I didn't touch my nose for 8 years, I didn't have any trauma, and even when I dug my nose, I dug carefully. But one day, I woke up and my nose hurt a little bit. It's usually fine, but it hurts when I press it slightly, so I visited the hospital and they said that it was inflamed, so they removed the silicone and reoperated my nose 6 months later.

The problem is that I had the surgery in my early 20s, so I just joined a private company and worked for a while, and it was difficult to freely use annual leave. At first, I decided to remove as much silicone as possible with holidays + annual leave, and then reoperate after 6 months. I thought that I could wait 6 months because I would go back to my old nose anyway.

But when I looked in the mirror after the removal, the tip of my nose was slightly raised, which was completely different from my old nose. After that, even though I took out the silicone, the old buildup progressed, and now I have a pig nose. I can't go to work with a pig nose, so I left the company as I was waiting for the reoperation day. Everyone at work seems to be gossiping about my nose, I can't go outside, and I can't meet friends. I became a dead man in the corner of the room.

Please never operate on your nose. The side effects will come even after 10 or 20 years.
My nose was only low before. It was honestly not a nose that needed to be operated on but I did it because I was looking forward to the change in my appearance and I regret it so much."

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1. I'm also tormented because of this...

2. I always struggle with my nose complexㅋ큐 I see people who look much more sophisticated after getting their noses done, but I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it if complications like a collapse ㅠ I feel like I'll be stuck with this worry forever unless I overcome my appearance issues

3. I used to wonder why celebrities who already had nice noses would get more work done, but later I realized they didn't always want to reoperate

4. When I had sinus surgery, I considered shaving my hump and adding silicone, but I didn't, and now my nose bridge is bumpy. I thought about getting a revision surgery to add silicone, but reading posts like this makes me reconsider

5. I also had mine removed after 10 years. It's so much more comfortable now

6. This is just an unending worry for me

7. I also did my nose 10 years ago and I'm scared

8. It's been 20 years for me... surely I'm fineㅎㅎ

9. Just don't touch your bones

10. My nose turned out well but I'm gonna have stitch marks on the sides of my nose for life

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