"Should I say that this is funny? The only thing the No. 1 entertainment company in Korea could come up with was a jab at someone else. I wish the end of the article was at least funny. I don't even know what you were trying to say with your ridiculous childishness and ridiculous attacks. Who do you think you're trying to set up against with your bottomless pit of accusations? If you really think you're right, why did you have to publish such an article that makes your hands and feet shrivel? And if you give them a year and a half off after only one year of debut, isn't that the kind of time where someone will be remembered and someone will be forgotten? Who do you want to be remembered? Throughout all the noise, I watched quietly, hoping that CEO Min Hee-jin wouldn't get hurt. But the article I came across today was truly baffling and outrageous. As a person who knows better than anyone else how CEO Min Hee-jin thinks of the kids, I am writing to express my confusion and frustration. I pity the kids."

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1. HYBE is just f*cking trash

2. Seriously I only feel bad for NewJeans...

3. I always think that HYBE couldn't be worse than they are and they keep reaching another level down

4. Their level is just so low that I just have nothing to say...

5. Disappointing and outrageous that a company the size of HYBE would resort to elementary school level appeal to emotions and lies.

6. Seriously, HYBE, stop with the dirty tricks

7. Even chodings don't act like that. HYBE is being way too messy

8. Haㅠㅠ seriously, protect NewJeans and Min Heejin

9. For real, their level just keeps getting lower

10. HYBE really showed their bare face this time. I just grew to hate them even more 

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