Usually, PSICK will use "PSICK" written on their thumbnail 
But because it hides the S and I, it ends up looking like F*CK
It's so obvious that they're trying to bait because it's Jang Wonyoung's episode but they failed at gaining any buzz from it 

These are the other thumbnails: 

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Foreigner's reaction #1: 

Foreigner's reaction #2: 

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1. Of course it's on purpose

2. Honestly as someone who also edit videos, I can't help but wonder how did the editor not know when they were doing this ㅋㅋ

3. If this wasn't intentional, then they would've fixed it 

4. Disgusting 

5. It feels like they went out of their way because it's Jang Wonyoung 

6. This is so disgusting 

7. Seriously I'm not gonna watch this show... 

8. they're crazy bas**rds

9. Me too, the moment I saw it, I went "huh..?" if you're a fan, of course you'd feel bitter over this 

10. Hul... And only Wonyoung's episode was like that 

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