During this process, HYBE's representative refuted Min's claims, explaining that "Min Heejin's interest is not in NewJeans itself, but in the money that NewJeans makes."

"She said, 'If it wasn't for me, NewJeans wouldn't have debuted, and I couldn't stand it because I felt sorry for them,' but in reality, she told her entourage, 'It's hard to treat the NewJeans members as artists, and it's disgusting to have to pick them up. The success of NewJeans is not due to NewJeans but to me,' and made dismissive and demeaning remarks."

HYBE also alleged that Min "gaslighted" NewJeans members in hopes that they would become mentally dependent on her. "Even in public interviews, Min demanded that the members of NewJeans speak according to the script she set for them, which is a kind of 'mother-daughter relationship' that she wants the artists to remain in a passive role," the representative pointed out.

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1. And who was the one not greeting the members back?

2. Ah f*ck, you crazy fatty, stop making a fuss already

3. What the? They really said that in court???ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. You're acting so cheap, just greet them already

5. This is honestly low...

6. HYBE is seriously disgusting... just how far will you go~

7. What about the greetings?

8. But you're more disgusting

9. Ah.... all their mediaplay has been disgusting so far but this one is just legendary

10. They are writing fiction at this point


On May 17 at 10:45 AM KST, the 50th civil court case division of the Seoul Central District Court convened for a hearing in the ongoing legal dispute between HYBE Labels and CEO Min Hee Jin of ADOR. The lawsuit, filed by Min Hee Jin against HYBE, requests that the court ban HYBE from exercising its voting rights at ADOR's scheduled extraordinary shareholder's meeting later this month.

During this hearing, a legal representative of Kim & Chang Law Firm appeared on behalf of HYBE, while a representative of Sejong Law Firm appeared on behalf of Min Hee Jin. 

First, HYBE's representative responded to Min Hee Jin's claims that her contract with HYBE was a "slave contract". HYBE stated, "We accommodated every request made by Min as best as possible and supported ADOR to the fullest. We invested in ADOR when no one else did. In an unprecedented move, ADOR was given over 100 billion KRW in funds. The clause banning her activities with competitor businesses simply follows industry standards, and was meant to ensure extended collaboration between the two sides."

Next, HYBE's side also claimed that Min Hee Jin's image as "the mother of NewJeans" was a facade. "The creditor's interests lie in the money that NewJeans makes, not NewJeans themselves," the HYBE rep began, before adding on, "Min Hee Jin has made remarks in the past such as, 'It's hard to treat the members of NewJeans like artists. It's unbearable that I have to pick up after them'. She also said, 'I was the reason NewJeans succeeded'. Min Hee Jin also required the NewJeans members to say exactly what she wrote in a script during interviews. She is gaslighting the NewJeans members so that they remain obedient, and is framing this as a 'mother-daughter' relationship." 

On the other hand, Min Hee Jin's side stated on this day, "The NewJeans members themselves wish to continue working with Min Hee Jin. To them, Min Hee Jin's role is essential. This is something that the fans have acknowledged as well."

The rep continued, "It's only natural that the NewJeans members are gripped with fear when HYBE wishes to send them on a 'long vacation'. Min Hee Jin's removal from ADOR will ultimately result in irreparable damages not only to Min Hee Jin, but to ADOR and NewJeans."

It's believed that the court will make a decision regarding this case by the scheduled shareholder's meeting on May 31 KST. If the court rules in favor of Min Hee Jin, HYBE will lose its ability to vote for Min's removal as CEO of ADOR. If the court rules in favor of HYBE, Min Hee Jin will likely be removed from her position. 
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1. Babiesㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. The kids are so pitifulㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Aigoㅜㅜ They are so young but had so many bad experiences... I don't feel good about this, HYBE, you f*ckers...

4. Wow the members said that themselves? Their loyalty is f*cking amazing

5. This would've all been over if HYBE stayed still

6. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ This is honestly sad

7. NewJeans, ADOR, Min Heejin, fighting

8. Imagine how scared the kids are right nowㅠㅠ Aside from Min and the people around them, all that's left are people who are wishing for their downfall. It's a f*cking horror

9. What are these adults doing...

10. HYBE is the one ignoring NewJeans greetings and they are now pretending to protect them? I don't get it

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