Email 1: I will let unnie know why XX fans are swearing at you
Email 2: Unnie, you did a live in the middle of the night, what was the point of it?

Song Daeun: 
Aigo Yurim-ah you've been sending a lot of those 'why do I have to keep getting sworn at with your "pretend to be logical"' emails! You've been through a lot. Seol-ah, you too!
How about using this passion of yours for your own future? Isn't it a waste to direct your energy towards me? Seeing you constantly calling me "unnie", I'll treat you as a dongsaeng and speak accordingly. 
If there's one thing I'd like to say, it's that we shouldn't rush to judge people. Humans are inherently dignified, and living with understanding towards others is societal and interpersonal. Your parents and teachers probably taught you this when you were young... 
I feel quite disappointed when I see you and others like you. Put yourself in their shoes for once. 
[Do you think you and I are both at the same "level" you're trying to emphasize so much? Is that why you keep sending these emails?] 
Wouldn't it upset you if someone said something like this to you? Also, these emails aren't read by me, but by a lawyer. If you don't want to receive a letter telling you to come in for questioning from the police in a few days, apologize, got it?
This is my last chance for you (just know it's embarrassing).

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1. Just sue them

2. Aigo... If you hate an adult dating, just go fangirl on some religious figures instead

3. So they're dating for real?

4. What she said is right 

5. I'm glad he's in the army now 

6. Looks like she got tormented a lot 

7. If we talk about levels, Song Daeun is way higher ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's tall and pretty

8. Looks like they're dating for real ㅋㅋ This is the legendary petty attitude

9. I hope they get married

10. This is Jimin's fans' intelligence

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