(T/N: Translating part of the screenshots)
BBC released a documentary on the Burning Sun
And they released a few videos and texts that was never disclosed to us before
You can tell just how many hours of hard work the journalists put in this so we know the truth so I suggest you to watch it once

In the chats, they reveals a text sending "send me a clip of a girl that's alive"

"Jung Junyoung calling someone "friend" during s*x*al assault"

"He keeps giving women next to him drinks and m*lesting them while saying, "Jonghoon-ah, repeat that kiss from earlier, it was so f*cking s*xy.""

(caption: 'Seungri says he invited a potential business partner to a party')
"Seungri and Jung Junyoung were closer than people thought"

(caption: 'Keep quiet, follow me')
"Seungri was screaming to a girl on some kind of yacht and raised his hand to hit her and was forcing her by dragging her out"

Person: do you want me to be respectful to you?
Seungri: Oppa might be a member of Bigbang but...)
"He was showing off the fact that he was from Bigbang and acted proudly in everything he did"

"He would treat others the complete opposite as he treated girls saying "Junyoung-ah, happy birthday""

"He was doing all sorts of s*xual crimes inside his club while Earn Billion with his Tinder CF, and at the same time"

"The customers r*ped and tortured women in guarded rooms inside Burning Sun. Who were they?"

"As we all know, this came to light when CCTV footage leaked of a man being beaten by a club employee."

"I'm sure you've all seen it, but when they were dragging the women out, they grab them by the hair like that, like they're taking an animal out.
The victim screamed for help, but the employees just stared."

"They spread the illegally taken videos (search term : Burning Sun toilets)"
(caption: Where the girl is completely naked with this look on her face that is totally "tasty")
"And the videos they captured.
The so-called "Burning Sun Room restroom" molkas"

"And Seungri kept asserting his innocent f*ck"

"Why? Because the attorney general will look the other way"

(caption: Goo's ex-boyfriend)
"Goo Hara , who tipped off the police about her relationship with the police, was also a victim of m*lestation. Kneeling and begging to the perpetrator."

"One of the people Jung Junyoung and Choi Jonghoon gang-r*ped was a fan of Jung Junyoung."

"Women who report these crimes are called XX or people who use their dead friends for popularity."

(caption: The court found him guilty of gang-r*pe in Daegu, as well as illegal filming and dissemination of the footage)
"Jung Junyoung was sentenced for 6 years"

"Choi Jonghoon was sentenced to two years and six months
Seungri was sentenced to 18 months"

"The police chief who let all these crimes happen was acquitted."

"And still, nothing changed"

(T/n: documentary in Eng)

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1. Wow... this honestly makes me dizzy

2. This was way too torturousㅠ

3. My heart broke at Goo Hara's part

4. Ha.. this is seriously frustrating

5. This is the reality of Korea

6. It's so amazing how they're so rotten, how they've managed to stay that way. They're such a bunch of f*cking trash.

7. Just try to tell me about the lower birth rate in the future, f*ck

8. And Seungri came out just fine and is living so boastfully in this worldㅋㅋ

9. How is this a country?

10. All of the celebrities from YG were just silent assailants

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