I don't think anyone around me would go out with Sihyuk."

"(They will think) what's wrong with him?"

"If it's 100 people, then all 100 of them would be like "what's wrong with him?""

"They said to me that I have the skill to create a thousand nyang debt with my 3 inch tongue." (T/N: "thousand nyang debt" in this case means something like a "big weapon" and "3 inch tongue" kinda means a sharp/convincing tongue but has a negative connotation)

"To everyone in the world who met Sihyukie, he's not like this because he's successful!"

"He's always been like this!!!"

"(He even talks like this in Bangtan's chatroom)

BSH: Are you having fun?ㅎ (T/N: very informal)

Jin: Because I'm handsome
- I'm having fun

BSH: ㅋ Then I'm not going to have any fun
I'm glad you're still here, editing music videosㅜ"

It was the same when he wrote to Min Heejin "are you having fun?" (T/N: referring to the Billboard comment)and when he neglected NewJeans' greetings. He was just always this way. I'm not making excuses for him. His habits, way of life and personality are just inherently not appealing.

He was always someone who had f*cking low sociability

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1. [+160, -3]
Regardless of the intention, the listener is uncomfortable, and that's Bang Sihyuk's problem.

2. [+150, -4]
I know he's not a social person, but no matter how antisocial he is, he should at least greet people..;

3. [+141, -1]
"If everyone around them is saying it, then that person is the problem. I don't think it's right to justify it by saying that's just how they are. Are the other people idiots? Why are they putting up with that person's bullsh*t?

4. [+139, -2]
It's not that he has low social skills. It's that he doesn't even have a decent personality no?

5. [+59, -129]
I don't know anything else but his "are you having fun?" comment didn't seem rude to me. Min Heejin probably misunderstood it

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