There's a featured post about bullying in a girl group and one of the best comments had this gif and talking about how there's a severe hierarchy in boy groups.
What kind of situation was this?? Apparently, they are called TWS

Scene starts at ~18:18

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1. [+198, -29]
If you fangirl on them you'll realize that Dohoon and Shinyu have the weirdest personalities; even just looking at a few self-made contents, you'll see that their attitudes towards their dongsaengs are so strong

2. [+195, -19]
They're not even that famous yet, but people are already talking about the hierarchy issues within the group. If they’re behaving like this in front of fans on live streams or self-filmed contentㅋㅋ imagine how bad it must be off-camera. It makes you wonder if their bad attitude is just who they are? They are just f*cking idiots

3. [+172, -22]
These two think they’re something special just because they look better than the others, and they treat the younger members poorly because of itㅋㅋ Don’t they realize that if they were in another group, they’d be considered f*cking rotten?

4. [+135, -22]
TWS fans, instead of just downvoting, try to explain why there are so many comments about those two constantly asserting their hierarchy over the younger membersㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+123, -17]
I was curious about this too. Shinyu also has a lot of negative comments about him. Why are the ones who look the best in TWS the f*cking dumbest?

6. [+76, -6]
No wonder they don’t have a strong core fanbase.

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