What's fascinating is that Bangtan isn't even a group that fits my taste perfectly and they don't really draw me in
But why do I find Jin so likeable??
When I saw their photos in the army, he was the only member that made my heart flutter
Seeing him being discharged, I just started wanting to see him in all kinds of places
I hope he hits bigㅎ

I just feel like as a person, he's humanely impossible to dislike. He's so likeable

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1. [+99, -5]
I wonder if this is the army picture that made OP's heart flutter?ㅎㅎ Thank you for this kind of post! It's a good time to join the fandom now, so come quickly❤️

2. [+73, -6]
OP's discerning eye is superior. Jin is honestly someone who has a great character. Even without the idol persona, just as a person, he has really become a wonderful human being

3. [+70, -4]
Seriously, I like Jin so much. He's cute

4. [+69, -5]
OP is probably a good person for discerning a good person

5. [+64, -5]
Ah honestly, I hope that he would go into variety and acting tooㅠㅠ

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