"The newly formed "Dimension"'s genre will be dance"

Dance unit 

The size of the team will be 12 people

On the last day of member selection, fans will be able to vote and select 4 members (1st to 4th place)

The agency announced that it was an unit for the second half of the year, so it was expected that this would be the last domestic activity this year.

Fans participated tremendously

(Like Produce, it even shows the previous day’s interim result rankings)

However, in the interim rankings, more unexpected members took the top 4 than expected.

And the vote counting results came out this morning.

This was the most ferocious fans vote in history..
Seriously you couldn't tell which member would win because the votes were so tight
There's never been an instance like this

The votes were overturned and the final four people were selected.

The final vote was 320,000 Comos in total
It's the highest amount of votes in the Grand Gravity ever

Thus, the final 12 member unit was completed.

All of the dance members who danced in Girls Never Die joined in (Hyerin, Yubin, Nakyung, Kaede, Kotone, Nien, SoHyun, Lynn).

YooYeon, Xinyu, JiYeon and YeonJi also joined

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1. I bet they must be having a hard time to have this kind of survival setting every time 

2. No but why do they have this kind of system..? People should definitely not stan them

3. If this is based on popularity, won't the same people always be picked all the time?

4. That's literally the general election for AKB 

5. Why does this group have more posts about their votes than anything else they do?

6. This must be so stressful 

7. Do the fans really think this is fun? Wow

8. The repackaged AKB

9. Isn't this AKB's system...?

10. Wow that's how they'll plan their promotions??? Yah... 

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