[instiz] HA........ MY LOVER ACTS TOO MUCH LIKE A JJINDDA...................

T/N: Jjindda = incel/loser person

I know my way of expressing things might be too crude, but I can't find any other words to compare him with....
I started dating him because he's incredibly kind and affectionate towards me, and I liked that
How do I put this? I keep finding myself in situations where I have to compensate for the way he shows too much consideration to others

For instance, when we went to the movies, I sat on the aisle, but there were two students sitting next to my partner who were really loud from the moment the movie started
I kept giving hints by glancing at them and hinting it to my partner, but my partner couldn't read my sings, and even when I asked him to say something, he told me to bear with it, saying they were just kids.
In the end, I had to speak up myself in front of my partner.

On one other day when I was struggling because of low blood pressure, we took public transportation together, and when an elderly person came, he suggested giving up our seats.

Once, when I was waiting for my partner at a meeting place, I was unexpectedly picked on by high school students, which was such a dumbfounding situation
Amidst that, when my partner arrived, he ended up trying to stop me and apologized to them 

There are many other incidents like this too.

Should this be a reason to break up with someone.....? Ha

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1 I seriously don't understand lovers who always take the other person's side even if they don't know that other person when your lover is right next to you. Like what are you even doing?

2. It's honestly better to stay away from people like that who always try to rationalize other people's actions to the detriment of you enduring an unfair situation 

3. Wow seriously why is he like that?... Just throw him away... I'd rather date someone who is unconditionally good to me even if sometimes, it might not be considerate of others. What's the point of being considerate to others when you're always the one with the losing end? More people than you think act like this.. 

4. Yup, he's the kind of person who will never be able to protect you no matter what happens

5. Ah I hate people like this the most

6. He's not a jjindda, rather he has the 'kind person' syndrome, it's better to break up as soon as possible 

7. You're the one who sounds like a jjindda... 

8. I feel like both of you are hopeless ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. OP needs to be considerate of others too, I was getting annoyed at the way you wrote this post

10. He's not kind... He just has no back bone 

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