Jaejoong Kim "After 20 years of both bitter and sweet experiences, my contact with TVXQ..."

20th Anniversary Interview Summary

He's rarely in contact with TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Changmin) through acquaintances
He hasn't contacted Park Yoochun since the incident and he doesn't even know where he is right now 
He's very close with Xiah Junsu
He has reconciled with SM and is on good terms with the current SM management, but he thinks there is still definitely external pressure [against him]
He happened to meet Lee Sooman on a plane and wrote a letter to him. He heard from other SM celebrities who said that Lee Sooman was showing off the letter he received

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1. Aside from Park Yoochun, if there's an opportunity for them to meet again, it'll be daebak.... Even if it's not to promote again 

2. I really hope they didn't ask him such questions. I just hope they all live separate lives now 

3. I'm not a Cassiopeia but I would watch Love in the Ice from time to time... I want to see the 4 of them singing together

4. Lee Sooman is nonsenseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I miss TVXQ.... 

6. I want to see them... Together... But I'm too greedy

7. Wow I just saw the interview but why is my heart beating so hard? My hands are shaking ㅠ 

8. Seriously I wish I could see all 4 of them sing together some time.. Of course, because of Yunho's scandal, a lot of people started disliking him but I still want the 4 of them to meet again and sing Love in the Iceㅠㅠ As 4 members... 

9. I miss TVXQ... I still listen to their songs now 😭

10. What did Park Yoochun do that's so different from Yunho...? Of course Park Yoochun was a bit more severe, but both went to room salons and they had that dirty toilet incident...
> He did ... drugs too 

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