She's freaking hot, wow......

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1. Yup, she's leaving the fansign right now

2. Freaking pretty

3. That's aespa's Ningning?? She really looks like another person

4. Why does she give me Bada's vibes like this?

5. Wow she's too pretty

6. She looked way prettier in video, she's seriously jjang pretty

7. She looked pretty in video too  8. Her outfit is pretty... what brand is that...

9. As expected, idols become even prettier after losing their baby fat...

10. Wow did she change her makeup? Too too pretty


They just have that unique vibe... so cool

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1. That's right that's right. Chinese unnies are pretty

2. Ningningㅠㅠ too prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Shen Xiaoting and Ningning are freaking jjang pretty

4. Ah she's f*cking beautiful

5. Ningning, I love you

6. Ningning is apparently the one top in real life

7. Where is the hat from? I tried looking up 'mdr' but found nothingㅠㅠ
"I looked up Ningning's hat because it looked pretty but it's sold out..."

8. I also find Xinyu pretty nowadays

9. Chinese girl group members look so extravagant. They are my style...

10. I was also shocked by Chinese people when I went to Thailand... they really looked like those TikTok unnies who are f*cking good at doing makeup, they were so skinny and dressed so well. I saw a few of them. I thought that they looked good only because of the editing but I realized that they really do exist in real life and was awestruck

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